Apr. 11th, 2014 09:11 pm
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Also, for some news regarding IRL things!

My family and I are going to the mountains this weekend. While there, we are going to:
* Cook steak
* See our friends who also have a cabin up there (and their dogs!! we're going to see their dogs because they have dogs and we always see their dogs when we're with them but I mean dogs!!)
* Write
* Go to the little movie theater in the town - it only shows one movie at a time, and this time 'round, it's the new Captain America movie (my sister, the friends, and I have pretty much the same taste in movies, and our dad stays home and does work around the house while we go to the movies. Don't worry. He actually likes this arrangement. He likes doing the work.)
* Read
* Hang out

We're going to have a good time.
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Yesterday was my last day of class. I didn't go to English, as I'd completed that class on Tuesday. But I did go to History and Math, and we took our finals in those classes. The History final went pretty well (although there were some things that hadn't been on the review the teacher gave us); pretty sure I got an A or maybe a very high B. As for my Math final...well, I'd been afraid of failing that class (originally I'd had a low C), but I got an A on the previous test (the take-home test), which brought my grade up to a B, and while I don't know how I did on the test, I think I did pretty well. I'll pass the class, definitely.

Before taking the finals, I made an agreement with myself that, after I finish my classes, I deserve any good thing that happens to me. (I - I have problems with believing that I deserve good things.) So the fact that my friend Sofya is at my house right now and we're going to the mountains this weekend is something I currently think I deserve.

I may have said before that I don't have friends. That's kind of true. I don't really have friends. Not friends that I see, anyway. But occasionally, I get to see my friend Sofya in real life, and we do stuff. This time, we're going to the mountains with my father. We're going to the cabin we have up in the mountains (yes, we own a cabin) and my dad's going to paint my room there. My dad is the sort of person who always needs a project with which to occupy himself, and he's currently re-plastering and re-painting my room. (My friend and I will sleep somewhere else. Like my sister's room.)

One thing I like about the mountains: it's a very good place to write. The last time I was up there, I wrote about 5,000 words in the course of two days, which is rather a lot. Who knows how much I'll write this time. It would be good if I wrote a lot, because my wordcount's sort of been falling behind. Not that I have a wordcount I have to follow, but I try to be responsible. You know how it is.

Actually, being around my friend will probably help me with my writing, because I like reading what I'm writing out loud and making her cry. Well. I should explain. Sometimes I write things that are rather emotional, and they might give people what are commonly described as "feels" on the internet. And Sofya is prone to such "feels", and I like writing things that give her emotional reactions. It's fun to see people having emotional reactions. To be honest, if I lived with someone who was invested in what I wrote, I'd probably become a much better writer, because not only would I be making stuff I knew to be emotionally impactful, I would be writing much more because writing would result in a reaction I enjoy seeing.

So I finished my finals, I think I did pretty well on them, I'm out of school (for seven weeks!), and I'm going to the mountains with me friend. I think I've done pretty well.


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