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See this guy? I've had this guy for quite a while. It’s been a while since I've used this otter for anything, so I'm giving him a new name (plus I can’t recall what he was called earlier anyway). I'm calling him the Skipper. Yes, that's a Cabin Pressure reference. That's also something I think an otter should be called. Yes, he has a scarf. An old friend of mine made it for him. He's been on my bookshelf until now, and I’m bringing him down for a while. I've been getting really nervous at school because I'm scared for the semester to end. I've been more afraid for this semester to end than I've been afraid for any college semester so far, and many times I've felt the need for a small object like a stuffed animal to squeeze when I get nervous.
This otter is going to fulfill that purpose. I'm going to carry him around in my school bag so I have him whenever I need him, and once school's out, I'm going to make sure I have him whenever I need him because I can guarantee that I'm going to get excessively nervous this holiday season (because this is my family's first Christmas without my mother, and that's going to cause a lot of emotions on everyone's part, probably).

That's what I'm doing.


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