Also, even though no one reads my journal (or if they do, they don't say anything), and even though no one who is LIKELY to read this sort of journal is likely to make the following accusation:

I don't spend too much time in my head, and I am not disconnected from reality. I deal with my external reality on a very regular basis, and I am able to function in it perfectly well. I am perhaps a LITTLE less invested in it than I should be, but I don't think this involves a total disconnect.

The reason I seem to only talk about the things that go on in my head (that some people may very well discount as fake, crazy, imaginary, self-induced, or inconsequential) is because I'm using this space largely for that purpose. There are few times I can conveniently or safely talk about these things in my external reality (where "safely" means "without fear of being judged or viewed as different in a way that could negatively effect how people treated me"), so I use the internet. And even on some sites on the internet, I don't talk about these things because that's not how I want to typically use that particular space.

You're getting a part of my life and thoughts, not all of them. Kind of like how someone who, say, has a wine cellar doesn't necessarily subsist entirely on alcohol. Even if you've never seen any part of their dwelling other than the wine cellar, you've still only seen the part that was set aside for that particular purpose.

So yeah. I just thought it would be nice to clear that up.


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