Apr. 11th, 2014

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Remember how I said I'd work out some of the details of the Mind Palace today? (Well, it was yesterday when I said it, but I'm saying it again now.) Well, I found myself needing to go to it because I was having a dialogue with myself about writing and the reasons I write, and I realized this would be a good conversation to have with Dr. L in the Mind Palace.

So I went to my room (I wasn't there when I had the thought), lay down on my bed, covered myself with my shock blanket, closed my eyes, and went there. (I find that being on my bed, lying down, with the shock blanket over me, tends to be the conditions under which I'm best able to go to the Mind Palace, though I can go there when I'm in other places.) When I got there, Dr. L was standing on the upper level, starting to verbally review the subject we were going over. For some reason, I realized that I had never been on the upper level, so I climbed up the ladder to join Dr. L. We talked about my writing (we concluded that, while I don't like writing overall, there are some ways in which writing helps me - not the least of these ways is the fact that I can use it to put forth ideas and characters that I think help me and that I am not finding in other media - and the smaller aspects of writing combine and are big enough to be good reasons to keep writing).

After we had that talk, I went to sort out some of the physical specifications of the Therapy Room. There were four chairs in each corner, I determined, and there were four doors in each wall. In the middle of each wall, I noticed. I decided to go through the door that I face directly every time I appear in the room to see what was behind it. Dr. L asked me if I wanted to go with him. I said no, thank you. He was cool with that.

I went through the door and found myself in a very vague-looking room that had an upper level like the Therapy Room had, only it was much higher up from the floor, and the ceiling was much higher. I explored it a little bit and realized it looked very much like the interior of a restaurant my family and I have gone to sometimes. (The restaurant is called the Old Spaghetti Factory; there's awesome lights and lamps in it and there's giant stairs that lead up to an upper level and stuff's made of wood and it looks old and awesome. That's an awful description but I suppose you can look it up online. A Google search would yield some images.)

Anyway, I walked along the upper level, looking at things. I hadn't meant for the place to be the restaurant, but some of the details of the restaurant started filling in, including the sound of people talking and eating. Then I realized I could turn it off if I wanted to, which was great because I'm not too keen on sounds like that. (They're just...not fun, you know how that is?) But I found I could also turn it on again if I wanted to.

I ran down the upper level to find its end or some stairs down, only to realize that it would go on forever if I didn't make some stairs. So I made some, and for some reason, the part in Frozen where Elsa makes the stairs that lead up to her ice palace came to mind. It was at this point that I realized I could change and make things in this room, and I got VERY excited about all this. I felt a lot like Elsa building her ice palace during "Let It Go", really, and that was awesome.

It was at this point that something interesting occurred. I've determined that my perceptions in my Mind Palace are a lot like my perceptions during dreams. I tend to dream in the third person - that is, I control my own actions, but I see myself as though I'm watching a movie and I happen to be able to control the actions of one of the characters. Also, I'm not always myself in my dreams. Sometimes I'm a character from something I'm already familiar with, or sometimes I'm a character of mine, or sometimes I'm a character who exists only in the dream. In the Therapy Room, I look like Will Graham from Hannibal (don't worry, nothing creepy occurs between Dr. L and I, it's just that it's convenient for me to envision myself as this person, especially since I can't see my actual self from the outside but I can see fictional characters from the outside, especially if they're from a film medium. Sometimes in my Mind Palace, I switch between first and third person. That is, sometimes I'm looking at things as though I'm really there, and sometimes I'm looking at me-as-my-character doing things in there.

So anyway, I'd previously been exploring this new room in first-person, but when I made the Frozen connection, I started seeing myself in third person as Elsa, and I thought that was awesome. It was shortly after that that Dr. L appeared beside me (I wanted him to). He told me he liked what I had created, and he liked that I would continue to create in here. This room would be a new adventure, he said, and while the basic shape was formed, there were details I'd be able to fill out.

We briefly went to...oh no, I can't remember if it was the upper level or the lower level (I'll check next time I go there). But some part of it, some part where, in real life, there's a bar where you can get alcoholic beverages. Actually, it was on the opposite floor where the bar is in real life (if my memory of the location is accurate). We went there, and I saw a shadowy bartender cleaning glasses and stuff.

"You can make him someone you know, if you want," said Dr. L. ("Someone you know" here meant "a familiar person or character" as opposed to "real life person you have met".)

"I don't want to make him anybody yet," I said. I was still trying to get used to the place itself and I didn't feel comfortable putting anyone else in it yet.

"That's valid," said Dr. L. (He says that a lot.)

We then discussed the fact that, if I wanted to, I could sit down at the bar and I could order something that I drink in real life (that is, tea or soda or something - something that wasn't alcohol). To add to the atmosphere of the place, Dr. L said.

I didn't think about it at the time, but Dr. L and I had a conversation where he said that my other facets might come back as people in certain rooms of my Mind Palace. I had one facet called Tea (ah, he was a joy. I might talk about him later) whom I sort of miss and whom one would very easily find in a location that was associated with beverages of any kind. I wonder if he'll turn out to be the bartender there. I don't know. I'm not there yet. I'm not sure if he's what I want in a location like that. I'll see what I want out of the place.

Well, anyway, we have a new room in the Mind Palace, and I'm going to have a fun time exploring it and building in it and finding out what it's for.


Apr. 11th, 2014 09:11 pm
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Also, for some news regarding IRL things!

My family and I are going to the mountains this weekend. While there, we are going to:
* Cook steak
* See our friends who also have a cabin up there (and their dogs!! we're going to see their dogs because they have dogs and we always see their dogs when we're with them but I mean dogs!!)
* Write
* Go to the little movie theater in the town - it only shows one movie at a time, and this time 'round, it's the new Captain America movie (my sister, the friends, and I have pretty much the same taste in movies, and our dad stays home and does work around the house while we go to the movies. Don't worry. He actually likes this arrangement. He likes doing the work.)
* Read
* Hang out

We're going to have a good time.


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